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Welcome to the Hallam Chase

Here is the provisional results for the 2021 Hallam Chase.

Thank you for taking part. A short race report has been sent to the Sheffield Star

There may be some changes to the start and finish next year. We will try and keep the distance the same but we will need to use a different entrance/ exit (TBC)

A little background information:

The oldest continuously run Fell Race in the world with a rich history, going back to 1862. Put on on behalf of Hallamshire Harriers, it has a wealth of Sheffield running heritage.

The event is held on the Tuesday evening following the second May Bank Holiday every year. As a closed race it is only open to members of South Yorkshire running clubs, so this means the entry list is typically low, with 50-80 runners each year.

The route has changed a little over time and started as a 10mile loop. It has been the current route for many years - a 3.25 mile out and back from The Hallam Cricket Ground to the entrance to Stannington Church. It is either descending or climbing with almost no flat running! Mainly on grass field paths or tracks, with some sections on roads to connect the route.

Here is a map of the route
Here is a close up of the route at the bottom of the valley as it crosses the Rivelin Valley

The run crosses lots of roads, so this, combined with the rough terrain, limits the entrants to adults (18+yo).

To make the challenge more interesting, the event is handicapped with the slowest runner off first at 8pm and the fastest runner off last, some 15-20 minutes later. The idea is that all runners finish together. For many years our handicapper, John Spencer, has honed his talents to try and place runners in the correct start order, based on their recent performance in other recent races such as the Trunce, the South Yorkshire Road League, Park Runs and local fell race times. It is an impossible job to do perfectly, so there is always the odd runners how performs better or worse than expected but this means the winner is almost new and it could be anyone! The competetion to get your name on a trophy is palpable and many a potential winner have been pipped to the line, inside the final 100m, as more and more runners re-enter the Cricket Ground together.

The event would not be possible without a mini army of 25+ marshals! We have to thank each and every person who volunteers - many have competed in the race themselves in the past and are old friends - part to the Hallam Chase family